22 years of Quintop

Quintop was founded in 1997 with the aim of being the professional management consultant for organisations in solving various organisational issues. Now, more than 20 years later, and more experienced, we can say that Quintop has shaped that ambition into helping leading organisations with expertise.

From Customer Care advice ...

Quintop’s first office was in Gouda, the Netherlands. With a few employees, we mainly provided advice regarding ‘customer care’ issues. In a short time, our client base grew. The number of employees also increased rapidly. In the course of time, Quintop was also asked for more international issues within the HR domain. Our knowledge and experience grew fast; partly due to the entry of experts in this area. In 2008 our office moved to Papendorp in Utrecht. This still is a beautiful and centrally located home base where we combine working hard with fun experiences.

... To HR Expert

Nowadays Quintop specializes in HR projects. As an independent consultancy firm, Quintop helps companies in realizing successful organisational changes and improving their services. With more than 50 high potentials, consultants and associates, we service a large diversity of clients with their HR issues.

Quality Through Passion

Exceeding customer expectations

With ‘Quality Through Passion’ as our motto, Quintop has grown into a successful company that has helped to improve and (re)organise several clients professionally. From strategic advice to implementation processes, Quintop as a firm possesses strong pragmatic know-how, and has served a wide variety of organisations as a trusted partner.

Our core values ​​of passion, pragmatism and being result driven have led to great results in the past and the present. At Quintop, ‘good’ isn’t good enough. With this mindset we constantly exceed the expectations of our different clients. This causes satisfaction amongst our clients and long lasting relationships with various projects.