Working together with Quintop

Collaborating with Quintop is possible as a client, but also as a freelancer. For us, working together always means a partnership based on trust. And for the long term, because we believe in sustainable relationships. Since 1997, Quintop has been an independent partner for more than 50 organisations and even more freelancers.


For our clients, working together means that you will get pragmatic ‘people of action’ inside your organisation. Professionals who aren’t afraid to share their realistic view of things. People who are able to convert their vision into relevant actions and thus add value to the organisation. We’ve acquired our expertise in HR in many industries; such as finance, production, consumer goods, education, semi government, and publishing companies. Altogether, Quintop has supported, shaped and managed hundreds of projects.

If you work with us, we make sure that projects of high quality are delivered within budget and on time.

Selection of Quintoppers

Collaboration as a freelancer

Are you a freelancer and do you want to collaborate with Quintop? That’s possible. Quintop has a large network within the top 500 of the Dutch business community. This means that, as a freelancer, you will end up at interesting and challenging clients. Collaborating with Quintop means that we will guide you in the process of acquisition. Moreover, we arrange negotiations, invoicing and debt collection for you. That provides you with more time, space and freedom to do what you’re passionate about. Furthermore, without obligation you can benefit from all of our in house expertise. For example, by engaging with colleagues or by attending our monthly Quintsession. Does this sound like a fit to you? Then we would like to get in touch!

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