Agile transformation

At Quintop we believe in the power of agile. For us, agile is a mindset. Not a methodology that stands on its own. Therefore, we help organisations with being agile instead of doing agile, which stimulates the chances for sustainable success. We mainly help non-IT divisions of organisations to implement the power of agile. With success we have now performed agile transformations at NIBC, Nationale Hypotheek Garantie and Nationale Nederlanden. We help Schiphol with various teams and have carried out an evaluation of the agile transformation at ING. What makes our approach a success? Especially the customisation and the attention for the actual behavioural change.

Continuous process

Agile working requires a new way of thinking that is embraced, adopted and applied on all organisation layers. To become agile as an organisation or department is a process that needs continuous attention and adjustment. Whether it concerns an organisation as a whole that aims to work agile, or specific teams or departments: Quintop is the right partner for the job.

Agile transformation

Characteristically about our approach, is the fact we always use close collaboration with the client as the starting point. This ensures the selection of a broadly supported approach that neatly connects to the specific client’s desires and context. We practice what we preach, and so we constantly radiate the agile mindset and core principles with passion. This approach has proven to shorten the time to market and increase the ownership and engagement with employees. Nearly always, this results in a more dynamic working environment and fun for all stakeholders involved.

Agile is not a technique. Agile is an attitude.

Quintop Agile Transformation Model

In the agile (change) projects that Quintop has been involved with, the Quintop Agile Transformation Model has always been a crucial foundation.

The model describes a number of steps that, once they have been completed, provide a good basis for an agile working environment. From management to work floor.

  • In 7 steps to an agile and value-adding organisation.
  • Achieve change at 3 levels for guaranteed success.
  • Continuously adjust the total transformation with 1 feedback loop for optimal agility.

Agile training

For our agile clients we also offer various agile training courses:

  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Agile leadership
  • Agile transformation for management
  • Agile coach