Digital HR implementation and transformation

With a decent preparation, which begins with the digital HR strategy and a properly executed HR technology selection process, the right foundation is laid for a successful digital HR transformation. Most of the time, the supplier of the selected technology delivers the project resources for the purpose of the implementation. However, this is often not sufficient. Therefore there must be resources available on behalf of the client that could configure the implementation of the system and guide the digital HR transformation.


Quintop is versed in configuring and guiding implementations and digital HR transformations. This could be support in the form of project and change management roles, transition and transformation roles, but also substantive or HR process support. We have extensive experience in this field and are completely supplier independent. This combination ensures that we know what challenges lie ahead and when.


Digital HR implementation and transformation consists, among others, of the following activities:

  • Develop an implementation and/or transformation plan in cooperation with the client;
  • Draw up a change and communication plan;
  • Draw up a training approach, so that employees and users learn how to work with the new technology;
  • Guidance on the aforementioned plans and during the implementation; support in the form of project and change management roles, transformation and transition management roles and substantive HR roles.
Digital HR strategy & transformation