Digital HR strategy & transformation

The HR strategy needs to be fully in line with the organisational strategy to realise the organisational goal(s). In the same sense, the digital HR strategy, as an integral part of the HR strategy, needs to aim to support complex HR processes, so that the right choices can be made with respect to the future of the organisation. Configuring the digital HR strategy is an important process and to realise the goals set, it is necessary to transform this strategy in an transformation approach.


Quintop supports organisations in exploring their digital HR strategy and helps with drawing up and/or renewing the HR transformation approach. We focus on the engagement of different stakeholders and the decision-making point.


The digital HR strategy consists, among others, of the following activities:

  • Gathering information about the organisation, the (HR) strategy and the HR challenges;
  • In cooperation with the client, develop the digital HR strategy that fits the organisation and transform this in the transformation approach;
  • Organise digital HR strategy and transformation workshops and interview to map the wishes, needs and criteria with regard to digital HR.
Digital HR technology selection