Digital HR Transformation

There is no doubt that these are challenging times for HR. Digital solutions can be found everywhere, including within our very own working environments. Employees, as well as managers, expect digital support when it comes to HR matters. Great success in this regard depends on quality, flexibility and usability. Directors appoint digitisation of HR as the main focus for HR in the coming years. For HR, it is important to provide quick and suitable solutions for this upcoming challenges in these ever changing times.

Appropriate technology

Despite the availability of many different HR systems, it is a field of work that we at Quintop oversee and master. We have a view on the (im)possibilities of all solutions and help customers with making the right choices. Moreover, HR systems in the cloud and on various applications using mobile technology are increasingly chosen. This offers many possibilities. And by choosing for the appropriate HR system, the connection between employee and organisation can be strengthened and a positive contribution is made to the optimal employee experience.

Luckily, technology is available that can support HR

Selecting and implementing the digital HR solution together

By means of collaboration together with you, we develop the digital HR strategy, optimise HR processes, guide the HR technology selection & implementation and ensure project & change management. Our strength lies in thinking from your organisation’s perspective and understanding the specific needs of the organisation. From strategy creation to implementation of solutions we optimally well-verse ourselves with our customers and their unique needs. We are fully system and supplier independent. The goal for us is not the purchase of a new HR system itself, but rather the creation of a desired HR organisation that is optimally supported by appropriate technology and that leverages the full potential of this technology.

Our services

  • Digital HR strategy & transformation
    Next to defining strategy together, we help with the development of the transformation approach and organising Digital HR workshops.
  • Digital HR technology selection
    As an independent party, we help with matching and selecting (RfI, RfP) suitable systems or digital solutions. Among other approaches, we usually do this through inventory workshops, needs and requirements scans, creating business cases and providing guidance on procurement and negotiating or closing SLAs.
  • Digital HR process optimisation
    We guide you in the process of renewing and optimising HR processes by, for instance, GAP analyses, developing new processes together and assisting with connecting new (HR) processes with the chosen HR technology.
  • Digital HR implementation and transformation
    We are experts in guiding implementations of digital transformations (often international). Critical steps in our service include; developing implementation plans, drafting change plans, developing and giving training and guiding the final implementation.