Global Business Services

After embedding Shared Service Centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as part of the target operating model, many organizations take the next step by implementing Global Business Services.

Quintop has a broad experience in implementing Global Business Services in a diverse range of organizations. We lead the preparations or implement the services transformation. Our aim is to make changes that are really embedded into the identity of the organization and add value to the overall business.

What is GBS?

GBS is short for Global Business Services. In brief, GBS is the evolution of SSC (Shared Service Centers) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Both usually have the goal to increase efficiency within an organization while decreasing the costs. GBS in addition has the purpose to further optimize processes and design the processes as customer centric as possible. GBS delivers the most added value to the business by leveraging an organization-wide strategy in terms of optimization, automation and digitalization.

GBS offers shared services for different functions (for example, Finance, HR and Procurement), spread over different entities, countries and/or regions. GBS combines multiple aspects of sourcing: internal service centers and outsourcing can be combined with an optimized mix of onshore/nearshore/offshore activities. GBS operates on a large scale, which enables the different functions to share knowledge, resources and capabilities throughout the organization. By organizing for example Finance and HR processes regionally, the standardization and integration of different processes becomes easier. By combining marketing activities of different countries, employees learn from each other and create the ultimate added value.

The added value of GBS defines itself by the following aspects:

  • Integrated governance and strategy

Organizational goals are translated to an overall GBS strategy. The organizational governance in GBS strengthens the internal competencies compared to all different business owners making their own analyses, selections or negotiations (locally for example). Methods for transition, change management and communication can be further professionalized and standardized throughout the organization.

  • Optimized business impact

Within GBS all efforts are made with the aim to have real end-to-end processes and services. Based on the organizational long-term strategy, GBS is enabled to make long-term investment decisions. This means that the decision in terms of technology or automation are expected to have a higher return on investment and are embedded within the entire organization.

  • Access to digital data

GBS accelerates access to digital data and delivers management information and analysis on a broader scale.

  • Agile operation

Integrated GBS centers are designed in an agile way and can move and adapt flexibly when changes occur. With the development of online tools virtual teams are playing an increasingly important part. In the perfect mix of onshore/nearshore/offshore services this means a continuous expansion of capabilities.

Our approach

Quintop supports organizations realizing a GBS environment, possibly in combination with a BPO solution. Our approach is characterized by our knowledge and experience in the three pillars of GBS: ‘People – Process – Systems’. This translates to:

  • Attention to all people related aspects, such as restructuring and change management.
  • A structured approach for building a Service Delivery Model. From more high-level to more detailed process analysis, from deciding on the scope to the transition of services.
  • Leveraging our experience in digital transformation, to ensure that systems fully support and enable the processes and Service Delivery Model.

Our Quintop Services Transformation approach, as visualized here, is an example of how we shape implementation journeys. Our approach and transition methods however are always tailor made in consultation with our client. Quintop distinguishes phasing of activities such as preparation, decision making, scoping, timelines and planning, knowledge capture and transfer, the transition and stabilization of services.

Our services

  • Business transformation and GBS implementation: supporting in the design of the new GBS organization, execute transformation/transition and change management within the organization. For example, a HR or Finance transformation or the implementation of a Procurement operating model.
  • Outsourcing: leading and advising in selection of the most suitable BPO provider or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner.
  • GBS people strategy: to fully optimize GBS, we support organizational leadership in terms of people development, sourcing, engaging and retaining employees.
  • Project management and support:
  • Project managers or Program Management Officers for leading the project/program and securing the internal project organization.
  • Transition and Transformation Managers for leading and coordinating the services transformation and/or migrating activities from one location to another.
  • Change Managers to inform the organization in the right way(s) and bring everyone onboard of the changes