High Potential Pool

Is there a need for young talent within your organisation? Do you have a project that requires extra capacity? Or can you simply use someone who is full of enthusiasm, ambition and has excellent potential? Then the Quintop High Potential Pool can offer exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Fresh perspective

A fresh perspective from the new generation of HR professionals on your organisation and business can bring a lot of added value. However, enthusiastic talent with ambition and pragmatic qualities are often difficult to find. Fortunately, the Quintop High Potentials are fully prepared to bring new insights and fresh ideas that will stimulate further development of your organization.


The Quintop High Potentials all have their own different background. This means that they can be deployed within all kinds of fields. Common examples are project -, process -, communication – and change management. The Quintop High Potentials are go-getters that guarantee high quality thanks to their knowledge of best practices and different tools. They always bring movement within your team through close involvement. And that brings your organisation further for a sharp rate.

Fresh energy with a solid company behind it!


As our client, you do not have to worry about the training and coaching of the High Potentials. Quintop takes care of these elements. In a two-year program, the Quintop High Potentials are intensively stimulated to further develop their professional and personal skills. This creates a steep learning curve that is directly applicable in practice. And that is what your organization benefits from.


Collaborating with a Quintop High Potenial means that you get someone on board for an attractive rate, who is highly motivated to help you out. In addition, Quintop High Potentials are always free to switch to your organisation if there is a mutual match.

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