HR Advisory

Quintop has many years of experience in translating strategy into effective HR policies. Our consultants not only advise on a wide range of substantive issues, but also think along with you about the implementation of the HR policies within your organisation. We are well aware of HR trends and innovation, so that we can bring new developments into practice for our customers in a practical way.


We provide tailor-made, independent advice and support to companies for both large and smaller reorganisations. We guide you, as an employer, from the start of a reorganisation to the actual implementation. Among other things, Quintop can help you with:

  • Drawing up a reorganisation plan.
  • Guiding the consultation process with the works council.
  • The collective redundancies and consultations with the trade union(s).
  • The negotiation and preparation of a social plan.
  • The guidance of a careful termination of employment.

Rewards & Performance

Do you have a need for modern rewarding policy or more flexibility in the performance assessment of employees? Quintop can help you with this, and other issues in the field of rewarding and performance in different roles:

  • Content: advice and support in the harmonisation of terms of employment. E.g. after a merger or business takeover, the introduction of an individual benefits plan (benefit shop) or the interpretation of (tax) regulations.
  • Process guidance: an independent process director facilitates the coordination between stakeholders, helps a jammed process relaunch and guides you to agree on a common result, e.g. a new employment arrangement, or shared vision and plan.
  • Processes and systems: advice on processes and systems for the management of terms of employment and/or performance cycle.

Performance management

The job market is changing rapidly and so are the needs of employees. The traditional performance cycle, in which there are only a few conversations a year, is increasingly replaced for new practices in order to match these developments.

However, there is no standard solution. We as Quintop acknowledge that every organization is different and therefore also makes different choices regarding their performance management (PM) policy. We see renewment of the PM policy as a tailor-made process. To come to the most structured and most complete solution, we make use of our step-by-step approach.

Find our step by step approach here.

Employee Experience

The way in which employees experience their work, or the employee experience, is becoming increasingly important for HR. “How do I create the right environment for employees so that I can stimulate my people in achieving great results?”. An optimal ’employee experience’ contributes to positive (company) results. More involved employees, higher productivity, more innovation and a lower retention are just a few examples. Quintop is more than happy to help you with improving on these topics. Examples of our services are: 

  • Setting up and implementation of a program to improve the employee journey.
  • The development and implementation of a culture programme.
  • An approach for sustainable employability, vitality or work happiness.
  • The coordination of a collaborative research.
  • A plan for and implementation of strategic personnel management.

Where do you start and what do you take with you in your approach? Quintop is happy to help you with giving knowledgeable advice and pragmatic support in this. We will gladly take on the possible implementation or the necessary project management.

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