HR Change

Do you want a thorough understanding of how your HR organisation is currently working? Do you want to achieve a significant performance improvement or increase in HR efficiency? Then Quintop is your preferred partner. Quintop helps HR to exceed the expectations of your (internal) customers. Our way of working is characterised by a pragmatic and integral approach. With this we help you and your team directly and concretely with making impact that matters.

Excellence scan

With the Quintop HR Excellence scan you get great overview and insights into the performance of your HR function and answers on questions such as:

  • What is the added value of my HR organisation?
  • How effectively does my HR organisation currently work?
  • How can I increase the impact of my HR organisation?

We like to serve you with an insightful screening, based on the Quintop HR Maturity Model ™: the Quintop HR Excellence Scan. This scan gives you an insight into the current and desired HR maturity and the current bottlenecks. Also, you receive a concrete improvement plan, which we would like to implement together with you and your team.

HR operating model: design, implementation and optimisation

In today’s world of HR, the HR Operating Model (also called HR Target Operating Model) is still applicable. The changing market landscape has ensured the emphasis is ever more on topics such as agility, process standardisation and efficiency. How are these processes managed within your organisation? A clearly defined HR operating model provides a better understanding.

Quintop supports organisations with their implementation project, from beginning to end. Depending on the question, Quintop provides support and advise in the field of:

  • HR sourcing: support and advise on selecting the most appropriate model to roll out the HR operating model within the organisation (in-house versus outsourcing);
  • HR transformation: support with designing the new HR operating model, the implementation of the transformation and providing insight into the impact on the HR operating model;
  • Support with PM’s and PMO’s to setup, monitor and guarantee the internal project organisation;
  • Support with Change Managers to inform and involve your target audience(s).

When executing an implementation project in cooperation with clients, our HR operating model (see illustration) is an important benchmark and starting point.

Process optimalisation

In many organisations, the size and associated costs of the HR department are being critically assessed. Occasionally, experienced HR professionals work under considerable pressure. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR processes is often an appropriate solution to these implications.  

The first step to improve your HR processes is to view them from a business perspective. Questions we can help you with are:

  • How much time and money does your department spend on manual processes?
  • How many errors are made in these processes?
  • What are the costs of recovering these (reoccurring) errors?  

By accurately examining the “how” and “why” behind current processes, together we can identify the necessary improvements to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. Quintop will be happy to assist you in analysing, drafting and implementing an improvement plan and setting up an operational dashboard to detect the increased performance of your HR processes.

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