HR support in COVID time

I need extra capacity

  • Do you need extra capacity to implement the Corona measures? Our interim
    HR managers are immediately available.
  • Do you have projects that have to go ahead, but do you not have the people
    for them? Our projectmanagers are ready to manage this project for you.
  • Are you facing an unexpected challenge? Our consultants will work with you to
    find a workable solution and bring your complex project to a successful

My projects and programs have to go ahead right now

  • Are many projects and programs stalled by Corona that should actually go ahead? Our consultants help you with an online start up to easily restart your project or program.
  • Do you need an online brainstorm about all your (complex) program management issues? Call one of our consultants or project managers.
  • Are you starting a project or program, but is it not possible to physically meet with stakeholders? We facilitate a project start up online or make a project approach together with you.
  • Is your HR organization not ready for all the projects that come your way? Use this period to refocus. We perform a free Quick scan and help you with quick solutions.

      HR issue; are our people and the organization sufficiently agile and resilient?

      • Do you need help to prepare your organization for the phase after this crisis? Our consultants help with this and have experience with HR issues in various fields.
      • As an organization, do you need help with your HR approach for both the short and long term? Our advisers are ready to help you in various ways.
      • If you want to make your (HR) organization agile, we are experts in realizing agile (HR) work.

      Do you see yourself faced with a possible reorganization?

      • We are experts in the field of reorganization and can help you with the start-up, but also with the guidance of every step in the reorganization.
      • Our experienced project managers have successfully guided various reorganization processes and can quickly help you set up a reorganization.
      • Social plans also have no secret for us. When you need to make one or start conversations with OR and / or unions, we can support you.

        Do you have a question for us?