Digital HR technology selection

A good preparation before starting the HR technology selection process is crucial. There are many different possibilities. From integrated HCM systems to tailored HR software, from in-house to in the cloud, HR systems for operational processes, but also for strategic talent management processes and more specific tools, such as payroll, negligence and time registration.


An important step is exploring what the organisation already has in-house in the field of HR technology, but which has not been fully utilised. Matching the possibilities and impossibilities of the existing HR technology with the digital HR strategy can determine whether existing means suffice or a selection process needs to be started.

A supplier independent specialist

As supplier independent specialist, we support organisations in making the right choices. Based on our experience, we use a standard approach and methodology for executing the digital HR technology process. The approach and methodology can be tailored based on the needs and wishes of the organisation, so that the selection process goes efficiently and leads to the right fit for the organisation.


The HR technology selection consists, among others, of the following activities:

  • Organising inventory workshops and interviews to map the wishes of the (HR) organisation and the criteria that need to be met by the technology;
  • Map the possibilities based on the wishes and the demands, with as output an overview of the possible technologie(s), the supplier(s) and the business case;
  • Executing a market scan, the complete tendering process (Request for Information/Request for Proposal), delivering a shortlist and supporting with making the right choice;
  • Guidance in the negotiation process and with making Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).
Digital HR process optimisation