Claudia Meeuwsen

Get to know…

In February this year it was time: graduation, yes! But what now? During my study Business Administration I have always been interested in the consultancy profession. With a degree in my pocket I therefore started looking for an organization where I would have the opportunity to develop and where I would be able to do assignments at various organizations. Fortunately, I have been able to experience this every day for six months at Quintop!

High Potential Programm

As a High Potential at Quintop I follow a challenging program of two years, in which I also receive intensive support in addition to my projects. For example, every two weeks I have a personal development interview with my mentor and I follow both internal and external training with the other High Potentials. In these trainings we deal with a variety of subjects related to our field. For a brand-new graduate and starter like me, this is the best school I could wish for. In addition to the High Potentials group, Quintop also has (senior) consultants, who would like to share all their knowledge and experiences with us. Through this open culture within Quintop we try to help each other to make sure we strengthen our skills and are able to achieve optimal results at the customer. In addition to working hard, Quintop really feels like coming home for me. We meet once a month for knowledge sharing, on Fridays we usually work from our office in Utrecht and we also undertake informal activities together. In the spring, for example, we will go away for a weekend to go skiing!

My assignment

Currently I support a large Dutch multinational with a project that focuses on the data quality of the HR system. What I like about the way Quintop works is that we constantly look together with the customer on how we can achieve the best result. This gives me time and again a load of energy that makes every day at work a new challenge. A challenge in which I will be able to learn a lot more in the coming period and in which I can proudly be part of Quintop!

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