Manon den Hertog

The first months…

1 min leestijd

Half past March I started as High Potential at Quintop. On my first day, I received an overview of the High Potential Program and immediately received an iPhone and MacBook. Quintop pays a lot of attention to the onboarding. For example, in the first few weeks I could go to all the clients of Quintop to get acquainted with all the consultants. As a result, I didn’t only get to know all my colleagues but also got a clear understanding of Quintop’s assignments and clients.

My first assignment

In addition to the introductory interviews in the first few weeks, I also assisted a senior consultant in preparing and facilitating scrum sessions at a bank. In these sessions, we helped a number of teams to acquire Scrum. For 9 weeks I have my own assignment. I am involved in the development of the back-office system of a credit management company. My tasks are to capture the requirements and functional features of this new back-office system and adjacent applications. In this way I form a bridge between the operational departments and IT. A fun challenging role in which I work closely with future users, team leads, software developers and the product owner.

Involvement and coaching

At Quintop I experience interest and involvement concerning my assignment. So, although I am currently working on my own at the client, I never feel alone. For example, in addition to helpful colleagues, I also have a coach with whom I can discuss for example my approach in specific situations. At Quintop there is a strong focus on professional and personal development. This is not only present in the guidance of my coach, but also in the training sessions for High Potentials.

In short, plenty of energy due to a fun and challenging role, great colleagues and good coaching!

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