Get to Know…

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I have been working at Quintop management consultants for 2 months. Quintop offers me professional development, personal/professional support and fun. I think that's what makes Quintop unique and fun.

What strikes me the most?

For me Quintop is a second home where people within the same niche complement and inspire each other. I find it really special that an organization can find the right balance between professionalism and an informal accessible atmosphere. I also notice that it is a very considerate and committed organization. Both on a professional and personal level. In addition, Quintop operates in a field in which I can and want to further develop. 

What am I doing now?

In my first and current assignment I am involved in the implementation of a personnel and payroll application for a sustainable investment fund. We have been advising our client from the start, as it is a new/to be established company. It gives me a lot of energy because a fresh start always evolves from good ideas.