Linda Bos

Get to know… Linda Bos

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In December 2019, I started as a High Potential at Quintop. The first two weeks were mainly devoted to my onboarding: I got to know Quintop and my new colleagues by visiting most of them on location at their clients. A good way to quickly find out who your colleagues are and to get to know Quintop's services. I can especially remember that this gave me a lot of energy to get started myself and to contribute to this. In the second week I also followed my first High Potential training and participated in a personal development assessment. At Quintop you make this assessment when you are already employed, so you know on which developmental areas to focus on during your traineeship. In my third week it became clear what my first two assignments were going to be. Most Quintoppers go to work full-time for the client, but I was given the exciting challenge of combining different assignments.

Why did you choose to work at Quintop?

In the search for a position within the consultancy industry, several aspects played an important role for me. On the one hand, I wanted to develop further within human resources and get to know different environments and varied assignments. On the other hand, it was important to me that I would feel at home at the organisation and that there would be an open environment where I could be myself. The first component can of course be found in several organisations. However, the High Potential program at Quintop really stood out for me. In addition to working on various assignments for a variety of clients over the course of two years, as a trainee you will also receive intensive guidance and useful trainings, for example in the field of project management and consultancy skills. You are therefore constantly working on your own development. The second important part for me, the culture, that just had to feel good. During the application procedure I was completely myself and it turned out that we connected very well: there was a match!

What did your first assignment(s) entail?

During the first half year, I have been able to carry out four different part-time assignments at various organisations. Some of the assignments arose from the design and implementation of an “employee survey” and in other assignments the theme “employment conditions” played an important role. At one of the organisations, for example, I was involved in the co-creation of modernising the terms of employment, while in another place I was in charge of an employee satisfaction survey. It was very educational to be involved in so many projects at the same time.