Liesbeth Houben

High Potential at Quintop

This summer I was busy with my master’s at the Copenhagen Business School. After 2.5 years in a row of studying and doing internships at various places abroad, I decided to return to the Netherlands. I expected that I would find a more challenging and interesting job here, and I certainly did! After talking to a number of companies, I ended up at Quintop. What immediately appealed to me were the possibilities to work on assignments at large, internationally operating companies.


After my job interviews, I immediately started with a job at a large customer where a new HR system is being rolled out worldwide. In my role as project management officer, I learn about everything that comes with such a big project. It is very interesting to see how the various aspects such as data privacy, contracts, risk analyzes, IT and change management come together in practice. And all this in an international environment!

The ideal combination for a starter, if you ask me. In addition to working at the customer, the High Potential program offers regular training sessions; so no shortage of personal development at Quintop.

In short, the great things about being a High Potential at Quintop are the unique opportunities that are offered at large customers and the tight-knit and friendly group of colleagues at Quintop!

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