Danique Sentker

How you are already working Agile

1 min leestijd

The corona crisis has gripped the business community. In a very short time, organizations have had to completely change their way of working: living rooms became work offices, offline became online. Although the impact of this switch is (or has been) very disruptive, as an organization you want to continue to pay attention to the well-being and happiness of your employees, while at the same time not losing sight of customer value.

New reality

This is where agile working comes into play. Agile working is a response to the speed at which the world is changing today. Organizations that work agile are better equipped to effectively deal with large and impactful changes, so that the interests of the customer always comes first. Digitization is an example of such an external change, but certainly also the current corona crisis. The first consequences of the crisis on how we think about work are already visible: more and more people are realizing that our way of working is somewhat outdated. Why travel a large number of (environmentally unfriendly) kilometers every day to be able to work in the office, while (a few days a week) working from home offers more free time and flexibility? Why work from the office, when you work just as effectively or even more effectively at home? Why attend all kinds of meetings, when it now appears that only a small number of the meetings are relevant for your work? 

Springboard to agile transformation

This insight, and the observation that the new way of working does not diminish (or even increases!) customer value shows that it is definitely time for a new way of working. The step to agile working is a lot smaller now that many organizations have already embraced a number of agile principles in response to the corona crisis: