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HR Excellence scan

Do you recognize yourself in the following questions: What is the added value of my HR organisation? How effectively does my HR organization work at the moment? How can I increase the impact of my HR organisation?

A thorough understanding of HR function

The modern HR function is increasingly demanding. This makes it very important that your HR function operates in a mature way and is consistent with the strategy and expectations of the organization. With our HR Excellence Scan, Quintop offers you the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of how your HR function is currently functioning. This makes it possible to achieve a significant performance improvement for your HR function.

The HR Excellence Scan

The HR Excellence Scan makes the current and desired maturity of your HR function visible at a glance. The HR Excellence scan tests the HR function on four dimensions by means of various research methods (interviews, surveys etc.):

  • Customers & services
  • Processes & system
  • HR Performance management
  • Organisation & efficiency

The results on these dimensions give a score that indicates the maturity level as shown in the Quintop HR maturity Model. The result: insight in the current and desired maturity and bottlenecks of your HR function. In addition, the HR Excellence Scan offers a concrete improvement plan, which Quintop can help you implement.

Extensive experience in HR optimization

Quintop has extensive experience in the field of HR optimization and can help you improve your HR function in full width. The working method of Quintop is characterized by a pragmatic and integral approach. In this way we help you to realize actual impact.

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