Danique Sentker

Joining Quintop as a High Potential

2 min leestijd

I started at Quintop as a High Potential in mid-February 2020. In general, in the first weeks High Potentials are introduced to the various assignments and clients of Quintop by visiting their colleagues on location. However, my onboarding process differed from the standard onboarding period because I was able to start right away with my first assignment! As a Project Management Officer (PMO) at a large oil company I am involved in the implementation of a new HR system.

The first 3 weeks as a Quintopper

Although I was right at the client’s office, I immediately felt at home at Quintop. Thanks to the openness and involvement of colleagues, the Fridays on which many colleagues work at Quintop instead of working at the client and the engaging, informal drinks, I got a taste of the atmosphere in no time and was able to hear stories about the interesting assignments of colleagues. I also attended the first training sessions and was immediately assigned a mentor who functions as a sparring partner and gives me guidance regarding my goals and the situations that (may) arise during my assignment. My professional and personal development are leading in those conversations.

Working from home during the coronacrisis

Unfortunately, after only three weeks of working on my first assignment, the corona crisis lead to a quick switch regarding work dynamics and work environment. Fortunately, in the first three weeks I was able to meet my colleagues at the client both informally and formally “offline”. While it is just a little easier at the office than online, I still got a clear idea of my role within the project. Although working from home went well for me, I am glad that it has been possible to work at Quintop in the office again since May. In this way I still experience the “office feeling” again and I also continue to feel connected with my Quintop colleagues!

My assignment

The project on which I am working as a PMO is part of a program that is focused on the digitisation of HR processes. All HR processes will be transferred from the current HR system to a new HR system that works on the basis of Software As A Service (SAAS). Our team deals with the transfer of Learning – in particular training courses that are taken by all (international) customers of the client. My range of duties is very diverse. I am responsible for all kinds of PMO tasks, but I also take care of communication with all external customers. They must be kept satisfied and they can provide me with feedback because they are testing the new Learning system. In addition, I participate in the design of sessions in which we introduce stakeholders to the new Learning system. I even get an insight into the course of the various processes and answer the questions of our testers. In summary: a certainly diverse and challenging assignment, from which I learn a lot and in which I am well guided by Quintop!

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