Koen van Schaik

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Let's start at the beginning; who are you and how did end up at Quintop?

I am Koen, one of the new High potentials at Quintop. Since a few weeks, I live and work in Utrecht. After my graduation in Nijmegen I wanted to get a job in consultancy and so it was a logical step for me to move to Utrecht. During my studies I hadn’t heard of Quintop, until one day I got a message from a fellow student. She told me passionately that she works at an office in Utrecht with a tight-knit group of colleagues who focus on the top 500 of the Dutch business world. The enthusiasm with which she told me this, lit me to send my application the same day!

What have you been doing in the first month?

Since I could not be placed directly on a job, I started on the proverbial ‘couch’ as it is called. That means that I support other consultants and contribute to internal chores at the office. At the moment for example I am helping one of the partners of Quintop with an assignment at a large publishing firm and with an assignment at a bank. In both assignments I am contributing to the implementation of a new way of working; based on the agile principles. It is incredibly cool to see how the methods I learned during my studies are being applied in practice and to be able to be a part of it myself too!

Sounds good, and what does the future look like?

Now I’m still busy supporting these two projects, but of course the plan is that I will be doing my own project at one of our clients in de near future. Although I have enough to do now, I am also eager to start my own assignment. And what that’s going to be? Who will know!

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