Wilco Bontenbal

New associate, Peter van Delden

3 min leestijd

As of April 1st 2019, Quintop added experienced advisor and manager Peter van Delden to the team. With his years of expertise in working conditions and facilitating consultations between the employer and the works council or unions, he is a “very good addition to the services of Quintop”, says Wilco Bontenbal, partner of Quintop.

“We have known Peter for more than 13 years. We have worked intensively with him in various projects, and always in a successful manner. After so many years, we came to the conclusion that perhaps a more exclusive collaboration would be more appropriate. On the one hand, because Peter would like to share his knowledge and experience to a new generation, and on the other hand, because Quintop would like to further expand its HR services, ”says Bontenbal.

Experienced advisor

During his career, Van Delden gained extensive experience in various roles. Before starting his own agency – Van Delden Advies – in 1998, he worked as a senior consultant at an advisory organization for a number of years. Before that, he worked as head of HR at an insurer. Prior to those roles, he held various positions within the trade union movement CNV.

Van Delden explains: “I know the (collective agreement) consultation table as an advisor, as an employer, from the union and as an OR advisor. The core of my work is designing terms of employment and improving consultation. I often work as a project leader, advisor, sparring partner or coach, process supervisor and interim manager. I think my strength is that, together with the people involved in the organization, I find inventive and simple solutions and continue until the desired result is achieved. Also with setbacks, resistance and differences in interests. ” Quintop and Van Delden, who will take up the role of Associate on April 1, are no strangers to each other. Van Delden: “For years I have been working closely and with great pleasure in various projects together with consultants from Quintop. They are often very good at calculations and project management, have a fresh view, up-to-date knowledge and are ambitious. Together we achieve good results for clients.”

Bontenbal is pleased with the arrival of Van Delden, as he brings extensive knowledge and experience to Quintop: “Successfully guiding employment conditions and harmonization issues, and helping on questions when it comes to guiding processes and consultations that go with them, is a specialization that requires expertise and experience. Peter has that like no other in the Netherlands. ”

Proven facilitator

According to the Quintop partner, Van Delden is also a proven facilitator: “In various assignments, Peter has demonstrated that he can make the difference in the consultations that often have to take place at employer and works council level. Where organizations previously got stuck in creating support for, for example, new working conditions to be agreed upon, Peter knows how to design the process in such a way that there is always a common picture. In this way, he always creates so much enthusiasm, at both the employer and the staff representation, that I regularly receive compliments about it. ”

The more intensive cooperation between Van Delden and Quintop has already started, Bontenbal says: “Existing clients are reacting enthusiastically to the expansion of Quintop’s services.” Van Delden himself also says that he is looking forward to getting started in his new role: “And because I know the Quintoppers, it will certainly be a success!”

Bontenbal concludes: “Because we have known each other for a long time and the services have been developed so well, we can now also market new products in this area together, in which our knowledge of HR projects and implementations comes together with Peter’s expertise. For example, we now also offer implementation guidance for renewed employment conditions. Or we can also help HR departments quickly and professionally with remuneration issues. But also provide training in this area. A great collaboration is ahead, which we are happy to assist our clients with. ”