Lennart Cramer

Starting as High Potential

1 min leestijd

I started as High Potential at Quintop in January. The first week was all about my onboarding; I got to know the organization, business processes and colleagues by visiting them at their client's headquarter for an introductory meeting. This was a really fun and efficient way to get to know them and the projects they are working on. In my second week it became clear what would be my first project, so from there on I really focused on my upcoming project and tasks.

What made you decide to work for Quintop?

As High Potential at Quintop you get the chance to work on different projects for varying organizations in two years. This way, you experience multiple industries, products and business processes in a very short period. Also, as a trainee it is very valuable that you get intensive support and can take part in trainings, for example, in the field of advisory skills and project management; you are continuously working on your personal development. In short, the ideal environment to gain more and new experiences.

Where have you been working on the last half year?

From January till October I worked as Information Analyst at a fintech organization. I worked on the introduction and expansion of a new credit management system. My job was to interview stakeholders in order to map their needs, outline all the business processes and transform requirements into new user stories. The role of IA is very dynamic and challenging; in an Agile environment you learn to switch between operational departments to get insight into the business need.

What does the future hold for you?

As my first assignment just ended, we are currently looking for a new follow-up assignment that fits my profile and in which I can further develop myself. This could be, for example, an assignment focusing more on HR or project management. It depends on various factors, such as which assignments are opportune at that moment and what skills are required for the role and assignment. Looking for a new, fitting follow-up assignment is exciting, but with different projects that are or will be opportune, I am very confident that we will find the right one for me.

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