Daniela Crivoi

Junior Consultant

Who is Daniela?

Quality-Oriented. Curious. Empathetic.

Daniela Crivoi is a driven and quality-oriented junior HR consultant. She has a background in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. Driven by a passion for problem-solving and a fascination with people and the business environment, she decided to pursue a career in Human Resources consulting.

In her spare time, Daniela likes to read, write and sing. Two themes she is especially interested in are self-development and organizational psychology.

“A human is never a finished project: there is no end to the lessons we can learn in order to be better professionals and better humans. That is why I am in a constant search for knowledge – in books, documentaries and discussions with people: in this way, I strive to become better than I was yesterday, so that I can be of service to those around me in the best way.”

To me Quintop is:

A welcoming community of professionals who support and challenge one another, as well as a source of inspiration that constantly expands my vision of what is possible.

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