Lennart Cramer

Junior Consultant

Who is Lennart?

Organised. Accurate. Critical.

Lennart is a team player who always tries to connect people, teams and departments. In public and private environments, Lennart can switch quickly, involve the right people and lay out the strategy to come to a solution for an organizational problem. He uses people’s strengths and the future of the organisation as a focal point to work towards a goal and reach targets. Such a process is always a challenge, but by monitoring the process and being service-oriented, open and positive, Lennart knows how to facilitate change.

“When I am on holiday, I always try to go diving - it's great to see what's out there”

For me Quintop is:

“A new challenge where I, within a young team of passionate consultants, can use my organisational knowledge and experience and expand it at renowned companies.”

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