Manon den Hertog


Who is Manon?

Enterprising. Engaging. Customer oriented.

Manon quickly comprehends problems and sees what is needed to achieve the desired result. For her engaging in its broadest sense is central to this. That is why she likes to work on the intersection of different disciplines.

The style of Manon is characterised by a positive, pragmatic approach in which she keeps an eye on the bigger picture. With a realistic view and clear communication Manon realises understanding during change. She has a background in communication and organisational science and is fascinated by the complexity of organisational change.

‘How do you make sure the strategy comes to life and everyone is motivated to move into the same direction?’

“Seeing or experiencing something once, is better than hearing about it a thousand times. Traveling helps me to get to know and understand other visions.”

For me Quintop is:

“Quintop offers me a home base, where I am encouraged to develop myself. Working on assignments through trust, fun and dedication; what more do you want?”

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