Peter van Delden


Who is Peter?

Inventive. Bridge builder. To-the-point.

The biggest pleasure in working is for Peter being able to deliver good, simple and hassle-free employee benefits. The benefits become modern and less complicated. At the same time he creates support and acceptance with the major stakeholders, like management, Unions, employees and their representation. He wants to contribute to a more effective way of organizing and empower the employees involved. 

He furthermore enjoys walking in nature with his wife and dog, discover new things and undertake photography, now and then a good glass of port is welcome. Peter also enjoys attending concerts and singing in a choir.

“Photography (nature) means for me: to learn how to watch closely, playing with light and composition, to have eye for detail and to enjoy the creation. ”

For me Quintop is:

“Working together – with lots of fun – on beautiful projects”

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