Tessa Stroomberg

Marketing & Communications Officer

Wie is Tessa?

Structured. Loyal. Organizing.

Tessa is the marketing & communications officer at Quintop. She works hard and has an eye for details. She is proactive and direct. The Nike slogan ‘’Just Do It’’ suits her just perfectly. Loyalty is important to her; she is loyal to her colleagues, but also to her friends and family. She is sincere and loves to take on the organization of certain events. Down to the last details, which can be quite annoying sometimes.

“I really enjoy doing hair and make-up for other people. Especially when I can tell that their confidence grows. The biggest compliment for me is when they tell me they still feel like themselves, only prettier.”

To me Quintop is:

A fresh start! Quintop is a new environment for me. They give me the opportunity to create a marketing and communications strategy for the company. I really appreciate the faith they have in me. I will do everything in my power to make it work.

Sparren met Tessa?

030 - 670 46 05