People analytics

The ‘power of data’ is everywhere and many companies increasingly aim to make efficient use of data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence. For some departments however, the use of data is more business as usual than for others. Only 21% of HR leaders believe their organizations are effective at using HR data to inform business decisions (Gartner, 2019). Although the HR domain clearly expresses the ambition to work more data driven, experience learns that they often struggle to define where to start and face challenges in the implementation. Hence it is critical to understand the prerequisites to successfully implement people analytics.

What is people analytics?

People analytics uses and combines employee and organization data to provide answers to important business questions. Various data sources can be connected, for example engagement surveys, performance data and in- and outflow figures. People analytics allows organizations to make faster and better-informed decisions on strategic, tactic and operational levels, where HR has maximal impact on the business. All within the borders of legislation, ethics and data privacy.

The concepts of reporting and people analytics are often confused with one another, while they can be clearly distinguished. While reporting looks back in time, is descriptive and merely provides information (e.g. dashboards, KPIs and trends), people analytics can predict and provides insights that drive decision-making. This allows people analytics to help the organization to act upon arising opportunities and risks.

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People analytics can help to provide insight into for example the qualities and skills of top performers in the organization. Following, HR can translate these insights into action by selecting new employees based on these attributes. These insights enable HR to add more business value.

Realization of a data driven HR strategy, from design to implementation

We assist our clients in the realization of a data driven HR strategy by means of people analytics, from design to implementation. First, we evaluate the maturity of the organization, by focusing on the below five elements, which we consider to the be the key building blocks for a successful people analytics implementation.

  1. Legislation and privacy 
  2. Standardized data definitions and data quality (master data management)
  3. HR IT landscape
  4. Support of top management
  5. Skills and capabilities of HR professionals   

Based on this analysis, we will, together with the client, shape the direction and create a plan that fits with the organization. Considering every organization will envisage a different begin and end state, we deliver a tailor-made service.

In short: we provide end-to-end support in the development and rollout of the people analytics strategy. 

Our people analytics services

  • People analytics strategy and business case determination

Along with the strategy we help our clients to define the desired objectives, business case and the most appropriate people analytics approach. In doing so, we believe it is critical that the people analytics strategy is in line with both the existing HR ánd organization strategy.

  • People analytics ‘get the basics right’

We have observed with many of our clients that the basics in terms of data definitions, data quality and governance, are not yet in place. This is however one of the crucial prerequisites of the success of people analytics. Therefore, we also help our clients to get the basics right.

  • People analytics technology selection

As independent party, we help our clients with selecting the right tools that can provide the desired data insights. But more importantly: we learn our clients how to make the best use of the tools themselves and how to keep developing these. Together with the client we map the wishes and requirements (e.g. by workshops), guide the selection process and the implementation.

  • People analytics implementation and adoption

Our experienced consultants, together with the client, support to implement the predefined strategy. We will ensure that the strategy successfully lands in the organization. While doing so, we rely on a project-based approach, with a strong focus on communication and change management. Our experienced project managers and PMOs continuously monitor the progress on planning, budget and scope. 

  •  People analytics capability building and development

In the adoption of people analytics strategies, we support our clients with building and developing the skills and capabilities of HR professionals, by facilitating workshops and training sessions.

Why accelerate on people analytics now?

Why is now the right time for HR to accelerate in the domain of people analytics?

  • The required technology is available on the market
  • Organizations sit on huge piles of data that can add much organizational value when being translated into insights and actions
  • There is a high external demand: for example, think about the challenge to attract and retain talent, legislation and developments in the area of innovation
  • There is also a high internal demand: HR needs to move in the right direction to support decision-making.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities in the people analytics domain? We are happy to have a talk and catch you up on the wide range of options from reporting to analytics. Quintop will gladly help you with a tailormade plan.