Privacy Statement

In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this page explains what policy Quintop applies with regard to privacy and personal data.

What does Quintop practise?

Quintop Management Consultants helps a wide range of companies and government agencies with (re)organising from expertise in among others HRM. We do this with people who execute their profession with passion. That is why we deliver special quality, always with a pragmatic approach.

Why is Quintop making use of personal data?

Quintop thus connects suitable candidates with organisations in need of the expertise of these people. To make that connection, we use personal data. Mainly of (potential) candidates, but also of (potential) clients.

What kind of personal data are being used and why?

There are several ways in which Quintop applies the use of personal data:

  • As a visitor of you can accept the use of cookies. The purpose of this is to make your visit as pleasant and fluent as possible. As a visitor of the website, for example, you have the possibility to leave your details via the contact page, so that Quintop will contact you within a short period of time. This information is stored and used to personally contact you.
  • A (potential) candidate or client can also be contacted by telephone or email with (an employee of) Quintop. In that case, personal data are also used. We do this to help stakeholders as personally as possible and to make the right link between the demands of clients and the expertise of (HR) professionals.

What does Quintop do with these data?

Personal data are exclusively accessible for and exclusively used by our recruiter, office manager and account managers.

Quintop uses the data to provide you with personal service. We store the data and use them to get in touch with you. For example, if you leave a CV with us, we use this to find and share a relevant match with relevant clients. When Quintop collects data from you, you will always be asked (in word or in writing) for your permission regarding any further usage.

In principle, the data remain within the EU, but could also be shared with international clients operating outside the EU. In this case, Quintop contributes to a safe process.

Quintop does not use automated decision-making or profiling when it comes to personal data. If personal data are used, decision-making will always take place manually (i.e. not automated).

Quintop can use public sources (such as social media) to retrieve personal data.

What are the rights of those whose data is being used by Quintop?

In line with the GDPR guidelines, any individual who provides us with personal data may invoke the rights described in the GDPR. This includes the right for data portability, oblivion and access. More information about this can be found on

At all times, it is possible to withdraw given permission(s), after which Quintop will immediately remove the specific data. If you want to submit a complaint, you can contact us via or 030-6704605 and/or the ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’. Quintop strives to respond to the complaint within two weeks.

As (potential) candidate you are not obliged to provide personal data. However, this may result in less personal and/or accurate services from Quintop.

How safely are data being stored by Quintop?

Quintop will always aim for the utmost safe storage of any personal data and will always apply rigorous operational procedures and appropriate, technical and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, transfer or alteration of personal data. For example, we store the data on an internal, limited-access and secure server. However, in most cases, the data is delivered over the internet. The internet is never completely secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a 100% security of personal data. For this reason, any transfer of personal data is (partly) at your own risk.

What retention period on personal data is being applied by Quintop?

In most cases, Quintop saves the personal data for up to two years. For example, in the case of an application procedure, we store the information provided, such as a CV and contact details, up to one month after the completion of the application process. If the candidate would accept a longer retention period for the purpose of serving him on a longer term, Quintop stores this data for a maximum of two years.

Other questions and/or remarks?

Quintop can always modify the privacy statement. The latest and most current version of the privacy statement is always listed on

Do you have any further questions after going over this privacy statement? Please contact Quintop via or 030-6704605.