Project Management

There is a lot to consider performing good project management. Designing a good project plan, introducing the governance structure and keeping up with risks, actions, progress and changes are only a small selection from a wide range of important aspects. Project management is therefore a separate discipline. The project managers and project management officers (PMOs) of Quintop provide a solution.

Why Quintop?

Quintop has extensive experience in Project Management and has perfected her approach over the years. From the start of 1997, Quintop has supported both national and international programmes and projects in various market sectors. Often in the Dutch top 500 companies, but also in the public sector.

Knowledge & Experience

With a healthy dose of project management skills and techniques, our experienced project managers are able to deliver results. Lean, scrum and Prince2 are examples of methodologies that Quintoppers carry in their toolbox.

Projectmanagement of Quintop means customized solutions.

Expertise on PMO

Many transformation initiatives threaten to fail not due to a lack of ambition, but the difficulty to remain focused. Our project management officers (PMOs) are the ideal right hand and ensure that the internal project organisation has a strong foundation. In short: continuous monitoring of progress on planning, budget and scope.


Our people are integer, passionate, result driven, and proactive. With Quintoppers in your project organisation there is a shared sense of responsibility.

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