Tender for Personnel and Salary Administration (PSA)

Tomorrow's energy is sustainable, something the Dutch national government is well aware of. To reach this goal, the government founded an organization that focuses on energy transition and sustainability matters. Quintop was asked to contribute to the design and implementation of the HR organization. The company, Invest NL, transferred responsibility to Quintop for identifying a suitable party to manage their Personnel and Administration (PSA) department. Invest NL also put Quintop in charge of the implementation of their new HR system.

A Challenging Assignment

As a governmental backed institution and given the value of the to be contracted services, a tender compliant with the European tender process had to be followed. Compliance with all existing tender requirements was needed, but at the same time the tender needed to be sufficiently accessible in order to attract smaller suppliers in the market to bid. Based on the HR Process model, Quintop guided Invest NL in drawing up a set of requirements that fit the future organization. This requirement list underpinned the new HR organization design and provided useful information for the tender procedure.

After the successful completion of the tender procedure, Invest NL had made its choice for a PSA service provider and a new HR cloud solution. During the implementation phase, Quintop took on project management responsibility, thereby directing the supplier and keeping charge of the HR system implementation (consisting of various phases, this being design, testing, training, and implementation). Being a start-up organization, the implementation was not burdened by (historically) set policies, structures, and processes. As a result, Quintop was able to rapidly configure and deploy the HR cloud platform, following best practices.

Flexible Scope

On completion of the successful tender procedure and the smooth implementation of the HR processes (both organizationally and digitally), Invest NL additionally requested Quintop to support the tender of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services. With the newly formed HR team of Invest NL and the Dutch governmental purchasing organization, Quintop ran a shortened tender process. In so doing, Invest NL could select and start utilizing the OHS services even before the establishment of the new organization.

The Result? A Solid HR Organization!

Due to the close cooperation between Invest NL, Quintop and suppliers, all HR processes were designed in time and as intended and proofed to be stable at go live of the Invest NL organization. Managers and other employees were well-informed about the new way of working and on how to use the new HR cloud solution. HR processes like recruitment, training and development, and assessments, as well as some fine-tuning improvements (within the initial scope) based on feedback from HR and users, were implemented at a later stage.

Further proof of the successful collaboration with Quintop was the request of Invest NL to have Quintop assist in the establishment of a similar HR organization for its international sister company. It goes without saying that Quintop stepped up to this challenge and delivered a similar solid HR organization.