Reorganization advice

Quintop provides fast and thorough reorganization advice. Based on years of knowledge and experience. This way we can help your organization take the right steps with an eye for the people it is about.

Reorganization advice and project management

Quintop is an experienced reorganization consultancy. We have successfully assisted many organizations in all steps in a reorganization process. From project design to employability or “from work to work” support. From project management to setting up a social plan. In addition, we support the transition or we assist your employees in the often difficult times. For example, we assisted ABN AMRO and Fortis in their integration and reorganization. By managing the program, but also in supporting all reorganization steps and deploying the right advisor at the right times. We helped Verkade with their reorganization, both in the set-up and in the implementation. Read below about the success of this reorganization.

Successful reorganization at Koninklijke Verkade

Experience with reorganization advice

Because of our practical experience, but also because of all the available knowledge that we have in-house, we can help you quickly and thoroughly. As a result, we quickly outline a correct approach. We list all steps to be taken to ensure that the reorganization runs smoothly according to all rules. At the same time, we have in-house labor law knowledge to help set up a social plan. We can also steer discussions with unions on the right track. To assist in an effective reorganization, we have experienced reorganization project managers who help the organization get started. Our people are also skilled in change. In this way, we ensure that perhaps the most important component, guiding the employees in question, is given the right attention. This often makes the success of a smooth reorganization. Reorganization advice that benefits you. Read more about our approach below.

Reorganize successfully, it's possible!

Social plan & reorganization advice

Changes take place in an organization that have consequences for employees. Usually we find these consequences “normal” or “acceptable” and therefore within the norm. Only when those consequences have a negative effect – as is often the case with reorganisations – is the question of whether something should be arranged. It is therefore also important to determine what the norm is to find something “annoying”, “bad” or “negative”. A social plan then determines what that standard is. And from which moment the consequences are so negative that measures are needed. This also implies that you talk (with the Works Council or with unions) about these standards and that they are negotiable. In addition, a social plan often contains rules about how to deal with changes. We help you quickly and properly – whether or not in co-creation with Works Council or unions – drawing up a Social Plan.

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